We infuse your team with fresh, new creative support and of course seed funding
We are active financiers (we work hand in hand to support and collaborate with you along your journey from early stage to growth, while maintaining alignment with your vision)
We offer advice and mentorship in Technology & Science domains, Go-to-Market strategies, vast network of industry partners and investors, IP generation & licensing.
More detail on what we bring to the table in terms of support:
  • Product management and technology roadmaps
  • Legal and Finance expertise
  • Planning for follow on investment opportunities
  • Go-to-Market strategies
  • Client interaction (from early presentations, through pilots, and culminating in initial revenue streams)
  • Recruiting talent
  • Technology development and R&D
  • Deep reach back of advisors across key industries
More detail on how we serve you:
  • Interdisciplinary thinking
  • Alignment of strategy and plans with your vision
  • Our undivided attention and timely support
  • Long-term thinking and continuous support along the way
  • Continued funding advice and support
  • Share connections to industries, communities, and research centers